Anteleon makes products that help you protect yours

Discreetly knowing where your products are in your supply chain gives you full visibility about what happens between you and your end customer. Sealing your supply chain and reporting compliance for the authorities would be the immediate benefits.

If your business is successful, then you know that your brand is one of your most important assets. If counterfeiters steal your brand, not only will this affect your sales and profit, but it may also damage your reputation with inferior quality goods.

We can help you protect your products from counterfeiting and enhance your ability to track and trace using one of our cost effective patented products using encoded text, image watermarking and surface fingerprinting.

Here's what Anteleon can do for you

Hide Reference Numbers in Plain Text or Images

Using your smartphone camera and our apps in online or offline mode, you can instantly validate invisible reference numbers placed within text or images, checking for number validity, date validity, or re-directing the user to pre-defined web pages.

This robust detection system will immediately alert the user if anything is wrong. Results can be automatically uploaded to a central management system to track results globally - invaluable data for your marketing or brand protection department.

Create Encoded Labels, Documents or Images

Anteleon offers an online, cloud based technology solution that allows you to produce different sets of encoded text or images each visually identical, but individually readable by your smartphone. This text could be part of your product labelling, product packaging or simply part of an office printable document.

Surface Fingerprinting

The microscopic surface of most natural products is made up of a unique arrangement of fibres and folds, peaks and troughs. Anteleon can provide you with a complete system that will store the fingerprint of every item that you produce and enable you to detect each item individually in the field, days months or years later. This patented system is the ultimate anti-counterfeiting tool that can verify unequivocally whether a product was produced by you or not.